Environmental Due Diligence Update-EDR’s Chicago Diligence at Dawn

I enjoyed working with EDR and speaking about environmental due diligence at its Chicago Diligence at Dawn event on November 29 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare. It was interesting to hear about commercial and industrial real estate market trends and the latest developments related to Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. The update on the ASTM Green PCA Task Force regarding building energy efficiency was helpful too as to issues to be mindful of moving forward.

My presentation A Legal Viewpoint: Top Ten Issues Impacting Environmental Risk Management Today focused on business challenges with environmental due diligence (EDD) including: emerging chemicals; bona fide prospective purchaser updates; EPA audit disclosure updates; soil vapor intrusion; EDD needs; environmental insurance coverage; other EDD cost-related considerations; ACM/Lead/Mold/Fill Materials; community involvement; and recent Illinois developments.

Thanks to EDR for sponsoring this program and keeping all of us updated on the latest EDD developments.



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